Sunday, September 23, 2007

I promise I'm not really this lazy!

Big changes have been going on in McCullouch land. 1. We moved. To my mom's house, with my brother. 2. Houston, we have a driveway! It took 10 loads of stone, but we've got it. Woot.

Matt and the stone guy figuring out where it should dump.

Load 2 coming down!

Load 3 or 4?
3. We finally got a dose of reality and realized that we wouldn't be able to pay cash out of pocket for this whole project - so we applied for a mortgage to build the garage/apartment. Our inspiration for the project is this garage on Rt. 342. We're thinking dark green with a brown shingle roof.

And the plans for the "real" house have changed, hopefully for the last time. Matt's liked this house for a while, but I wasn't sure. It's growing on me though - I'm sick of looking at plans, so I want this to be it!
Front of the house. Again in green with a brown shingle. Perhaps a reddish brown stone instead of the grey.
First floor plan
Second Floor plan - notice the two story living room


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