Friday, June 13, 2008

Come thou Fount of Every Blessing

Yesterday we had our well drilled by my grandparent's next door neighbor Joe Kampnich. I was secretly afraid that we wouldn't find water or wouldn't find enough water to last us the life of our home. However, at 120 feet deep we have not just a bit of water but a brimming fount of water! Praise the lord!
The drilling process. Check out the pink soil!
This is what happens when you find a lot of water! Even Joe seemed excited to hit such a big vein. We had a lot of water a few feet before this, but man! That us about 100 gallons of fresh water per minute. We still need to get it tested, I hope it's good! I love well water.

In other house related news:
We have the roof completely done. Here's Matt and Tommy working on the back side. Pictures of the front to come later.

And We have a lawnmower! Thank you craigslist!


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