Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Super Senior Super Scoopers Unite!

When asked what she would like to drink, Krusty took a good long look at the choices before her and decided that pink looked good!
Holy Cow!  Doogie's pregnant!
Actually Krista is too, and she recently had a birthday.  Shannon got her miracle squirrel proof flowers.
"So this kid today told me...."
Mmmmm, heart attack on a plate!
Gifts for Danielle

The pregnant half of the super scoopers.

The non baby carrying contingent.
This is what cheese thinks doog's baby will look like.  Watch out for those teeth!
Shannon's been threatening Danielle with a helmet for her first born for oh...6 years?  So they're going for a test fitting.

We definitely need to see each other more!


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