Friday, August 15, 2008

Over the Hill

This summer has been incredibly draining.  The month of July was spent teaching from 8-1 (and being at school from 7-3) then going to masters classes from 4:30 until they decided to let us out.  I also went on 2 failed job interviews for the school year, it's okay, I just have to keep believing that something will open up at just the right time.  For now, it's back to subbing.  

My students this summer have been fabulous though, especially my 7th graders.  I don't know why 90% of them were in summer school, they were that good.

About a week before school let out, they were getting a bit burnt out.  I asked a question, and didn't get a reply.  Bueller, Bueller, nothing.  Soooo, they decided that because I've not only seen the movie Farris Bueller's Day Off, but I quote it constantly, I must be old.  Since my birthday is next week they decided to throw me an "over the hill" party.  I know!  What?

I'm only turning 24, but they did it.  Complete with a fantastic cake and 2 cases of Monster Energy Drink.  I had to apologize to their 3rd period teacher for getting them so wound up.  So, thanks for the cake B (and B's mom!)!  It was delish!


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