Saturday, March 7, 2009

a word about my watermark

my hubs brought it to my attention tonight that he isn't a fan of the big "do not copy" watermark on my photos.  please rest assured, it is there for a reason.  someday i would like to consider doing photography for profit - it's an expensive habit that to continue long term will need to start paying for itself (except for my little punk and any siblings and or cousins he may have).  as such, i want to make sure that all of my work is presented in the best possible light.  images pulled from my blog are sized for the internet and as such are small image files at low resolution, not the best example.  
so, images on this blog (and the 365 blog when i start that back up) will always be watermarked.  however, if you want a full resolution image to use or print, please let me know, i'll send it right out to you.


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