Monday, April 7, 2008

In case you were wondering

I see I have posted NO pictures of what the place actually looks like. Might help you figure out where those lights will go.

We rented this thing to take care of the stumps and level out the spot.

Stone is down and tamped. All level and ready for concrete.
Pad is down and Matt is working on laying the brick for the walls.
Here you can see that it will indeed later be a garage.

Trusses in a pile. We had to drag them down the long tree lined driveway. Not fun.

Each truss had to be hand lifted.
Glad all I had to do was take pictures!

From a distance...See the new truck. Don't ask why we still have the Toyota.A while later - ice and water shield on the roof and the front boxed in.

Tyvek up.

Windows make it look like home.

Not loving the ugly brown trim on the door but that can be painted. Love the hardware however, thanks ebay!

Back of the house. Same door is now on as the front.

Side view

The stairs inside.


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