Monday, April 7, 2008

Bright lights

Matt gave me the go ahead to make some purchases for the house. So immediately I jumped online to start ordering. I was going to wait until spring break and go shopping, but hey I want what I want, so I did what I'm good at. I ordered online.

Let me take a few minutes to say that if you don't already have ebates you should definitely get it. You get a percentage of what you spend back a few times a year. Last quarter I made $30. If you want a referral let me know, we'll both get $5.

Where was I, oh yeah, lights.

Check these out! The little ones (13 1/2") will go on either end of the front (think garage lights put in early) and the hanger will go in the entry way. It's a bit bigger (19") but it's a 10' ceiling so it needs it.I got them from with a coupon code found on ($30 off) plus the cash back from ebates (6%) I've saved about $40 on these! Woot.


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