Monday, April 7, 2008

Is this for real?

When did I become a grown up? Was it when I received my college acceptance letters? The day I graduated from high school? Perhaps the day that Matt asked me to marry him? Was it the day that we walked down the aisle? How about moving in together? Could it have been when we packed up and left for Houghton? The day we moved home forever? Perhaps the day we bought our land, or the day we took out a mortgage? Weird. After all that and I still don't feel like a grown up. It's weird. I have a husband, I have a couple of degrees, I have a dog, I have bills, and yet deep down, I wonder when I turned into a grown up.

Today, as alway I was amazed when I walked into my old high school; as an employee not a student and said hello to the other teachers, greeting them by their first names. You know, I think that's when I became an adult. I was teaching summer school when one of my colleagues said "you know Vicki, the world will not end if you don't call me Mrs. Smith." And you know what, I called her Carol and the world didn't end.


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