Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photoshop CS3 at a discount!

Photoshop CS3 for mac.  I was going to buy Photoshop Elements 6.  It's a decent basic program and it's only $90.  I'm getting sick of the cheapola program that I'm using that came with my camera.  Frankly it doesn't work that well and I want the pictures I take to be the best I can make them.  Luckily before I bit the bullet and picked it up, I checked around the apple education store.  The education store offers discounts to students (and teachers).  I bought my macbook using my student discount.  Since I'm enrolled in a Master's program, I am still eligible for the discount.  ARe you ready?  The extended version of CS3 retails for $999 (no you're not seeing triple).  I just couldn't swallow that price.  Guess what?  The student price for the extended version is SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS cheaper.  $299.  Merry Christmas to me! Lucky Matt doesn't need to figure out any gifts for me this year!


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