Tuesday, June 10, 2008

very excited about this one

The new Apple iPhone 3G!  I was initially upset when we signed on with Cingular (now AT&T) last January.  Everyone I talk to has Verizon and I wanted to call them for free.  Alas, Verizon's tower wasn't up and functional in Theresa until well after we needed the phones so Cingular it was.  It now looks like I have been rewarded for my acquiescence.  

My favorite things:
1 - Runs on 3G network (fast!)
2 - iTunes integration (and holds way more songs than my nano)
3 - iCal integration (yes!  something to keep me organized)
4 - price; at $199 it's cheaper than the last edition to come out

The price might actually be number one.  We are eligible for new discounted phones in July, which is great because our old phones are ready to bite the dust.  Matt will probably end up with another free phone, but has said that I can get an iPhone for my birthday!


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