Thursday, February 26, 2009

vicki needs these 10 things

According to google:

1.  Vicki needs to pay the rent. (never have actually)
2.  Vicki needs a family that is loving (matt and finney love me, this i know)
3.  Vicki needs to get fatter. (good lord no!)
4.  Vicki needs to go. (where?  i am in search of warmth!)
5.  Vicki needs new tires for her truck. (umm...matt?)
6.  Vicki needs work, and guidance.  (ALWAYS!)
7.  Vicki needs your prayers (again, ALWAS!)
8.  Vicki needs to leave Jeff (interesting, sorry matt?)
9.   Vicki needs you (why yes I do.)
10.  Vicki needs to go home (already there).

What do you need?  Plug in your name and the word needs in the google search bar!  


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