Wednesday, February 11, 2009

when i win the lottery

we have a ton of projects to complete this spring and summer.  so many that we're foregoing a spring vacation getaway to start on the list.  we may need to win the lottery to check everything off.

  1. Buy trees (ordering from St. Lawrence Nurseries in Potsdam) it's a big order (14 trees and some plants) and we're excited.  
  2. Pick a site for the much needed shed.  living with you husband's tools is not every woman's dream.
  1. Plant Trees
  2. Clean out the woods in front of the little house (future site of the big house)
  3. Install finney's dog fence - underground wireless.
  4. Build my garden.  it will look similar to this:
  1. Find a wagon for the lawnmower so we can get rid of mcnasty - aka the Toyota
  2. Build the shed - okay, this one probably isn't a "we" activity
  3. Finish the garden
  1. Congratulate ourselves on getting through the February-April list
  2. Plant the veggie garden
  3. Top soil around the house so it doesn't look like we live at a dry beach.
  4. Plant grass
  1. Get students through US History regents (oh, wait, that's just me!)
  2. Paint siding
  3. Apply siding to the house
  1. Find a weedeater.  Depending on rain levels, may need to move up!
  2. Fill in miscellaneous areas with topsoil
  1. More stone for the driveway


Crystal February 11, 2009 at 8:25 PM  

Sounds like you have a good plan :)

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